Go from a
struggling freelancer to a
highly paid consultant
with my direct help   🚀

Have you ever wanted to build your own freelancing business but never got started?

You tried freelancing before and failed to bring consistent income... and eventually quit?

Keep reading then.

First. If you haven't watched the ultimate guide on on how to start a freelancing consulting business in 2020 video, watch it here.

Second. If you're here, most likely you want to build your own business.

That just happened.

The universe has blessed you and decided to give you another chance.

You find yourself watching the ultimate... I mean the best damn video guide there is on how to build a six figure consulting business.

You can't believe what you're seeing and hearing.

Value bombs dropping harder than Tsar Bomba.

Some things are going over your head but you... you get it.

Maybe you're that guy with a business degree who — by the end of the video — sat there thinking "I learned more in this one video than all 4 years my life in college"


You finish watching the video.

You're shook.

You also understand a lot of things now.

And now you're reading this very line.

And maybe you're wondering WTFAQ is going on?

Lemme fill you in.

I'm launching my private coaching program — FreelancingforDevelopers The Mastermind.

What's this?

You get to work with me directly and get coached by me as you build your business. I help you set up everything from validating your niche idea to setting up your sales funnel to landing your first client.

What's in the middle?


Sales training. 🔥

Object handling.




Legal stuff.



Onboarding clients.




Wow, that's a lot. Is there more?

Yes. But we're only going to be focusing on the 3% of the actions that drive the 97% of the results.

In other words, we achieve more with less while "doing a lot of things".

I like the sound of that. Will you be coaching me directly?

Yes. We get on video calls.

You get my direct phone number.

Yeah, you can text me. 24/7.

You get your customized roadmap.

Each week has a mission.

I keep you in check. #UltimateAccountability

You slip up? I make you do a talk of shame to everybody in the elite group — Game of Thrones style.

That sounds brutal. But group? What group?

You'll be part of an exclusive group of 9000% committed, hungry animals just like you who're pursuing their dreams just like you. #UltimateAccountabilityBerserkMode

Yes, we keep each other accountable. We help each other. Share what each of us learned each week.

What worked.

What didn't work.

The united compound effect kicks in and soon, everybody is winning.

Alright I'm in. How do I proceed?

Cool. Click on that juicy button at the top of the page and fill out the application form.

Be detailed as you can.

I'll give you a direct call to your number in a few days.

We get on a FREE 30 minute call.

I learn about you.

You learn about me.

I tell you more about the program.

If we're a good fit, I tell you the next steps.

If not, you get a crap ton of more value from me. 💯

One more quest —

Enough questions.

Life is short.

Click the damn button and let's get going.

Talk soon.

Much love. ❤️

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